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The following is a collection of "Flash Cards" to aid in learning the material from the lessons. Many have pictures, most have (or will soon have) sound. If you're using a slow connection, it may take time for the sounds and pictures to download the first time. But the second and subsequent times a card is shown, it should go much faster.

I'm indebted to Lin Laoshi, our instructor, for recording the lessons.


Chapter Basics
 (Pinyin) - Pinyin Initials
 (Pinyin) - Pinyin Finals
 () - Numbers
Chapter 1
 (Pronouns) - Pronouns
Chapter 2
 () - Greetings
Chapter 3
家庭成员 (jiātíngchéngyuán) - Relatives
职业 (zhíyè) - Professions
Chapter 4
水果 (shǔiguǒ) - Fruit
蔬菜 (shūcài) - Vegetables
食物 (shíwù) - Food
Chapter 5
动物 (dòngwù) - Animals
反义词 (fǎnyìcí) - Antonyms
Chapter 6
颜色 (yán sè) - Colors
形状 (xíng zhuàng) - shapes
Chapter 7
漢字笔画 (hànzì bǐhuà) - Character Strokes
时候 (shíhòu) - Days
 () - Days of the Week
月 (yuè) - Months
 () - Telling Time
 () - Hours
身体 (shēntǐ) - Body
Chapter 8
 () - Basic Verbs